Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cochlear WIP

Alright, I know, I haven't posted the picture that'll lead up to this one yet but don't worry about it. I'm working on a series for Advanced Painting that'll combine advertisment styles (mainly art nouveau) with mechanically enhanced body parts, real or imaginary. This one falls under real.
It's still a work-in-progress obviously but I'm pretty proud of it so far. For the canvas, I stretched and gessoed over an 18" embroidery hoop. I did the underdrawing in non-photo blue (love it!) cochlear implant with cosmetic body modifications (piercings, gauges, tattoos). I always admired how a lot of the kids I grew up with took pride in their hearing aids and got really cool ones with glitter and neon colors.

In other news, I have another princess drawing in the works, a collab zine project with some other Burlingtonians, I might be working on a Halloween comic for an art swap, and I haven't forgot about the drawing for the contest winner or the tattoo I'm doing for Sheila. ^.^;;

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