Thursday, June 17, 2010

poor provincial life

I'm not as proud of this one as I have been of others, to the point where I'm already planning a redo, but I want to know what people will think of it. As I mentioned in the previous post, I was torn between 1780s and 1820s or so. I went with the latter. I didn't think her face was as recognizably Belle either so I kept her dress yellow. I realized something very important while working on this one and Pocahontas (which is currently in the sketching process): I need internets!! I don't have it at my apartment, where I've been working on these, and I really need it when I'm looking for reference pictures. It's so frustrating!! Oh well. Here's Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

oh man

Lots of changes in Halseyland (that sounds better than Paigeland I think). I'm back from Italy, which is sad but also nice because I was actually getting kinda homesick. Italy was absolutely AMAZING. Not a whole lot of artwork got done while there but I got some great pictures and some reference material for future pieces so yay!
After a few days in Massachusetts, I drove up to the new apartment in Vermont. I'm still not fully moved in and my place doesn't have internet as of yet but at least I have a bed now (believe me, this is a big accomplishment). I can't promise how frequently I'll be posting but I'll do my best.
As for the princess series, I'm currently working on Belle (although I'm not sure about her time period and I may redo her someday) and researching Pocahontas. I'm really liking Pocahontas and Tiana best since it's really obvious WHEN they take place. For Belle, it could have been anywhere from 1770s-1790s or 1820s-1830s, which is frustrating. I went with the 1820s since I did Cinderella as Late Georgian. (Plus, that yellow dress is SO Crinoline period!)
Sadly, no new artwork today since I'm on the computer at work. I'll try and get Belle up soon, she's currently being inked.
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