Friday, July 30, 2010

Mouse Hunt

So the dramas of my first apartment lead to a story for my final project in my course. My roommate, Sheila (a.k.a. Chiatar), agrees that this is pretty true to the actual hunt. I left out some details, like trying to suffocate the mouse in a peanut butter jar (we wanted it to go out happy) or my moral dilemma over killing something that looked like my pet gerbil, Doodle. I also left out the fact that just after we gave a toast to our fallen enemy (we did what any good Irish-American would do at a funeral: we drank to the dead), we caught another, and then another a couple days later.
As a warning: I apologize for the swears if you're sensitive to that but it needed to be done. It was the only way to get the hatred we had for this mouse across. (Sorry, Mom)

It was a harsh lesson to learn but c'est la vie. We at least put them outside so the locals cats could enjoy them (they didn't though >.<). I used ink pens on bristol.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Project - New Game

I have some sketches up from a project I'm working on that I haven't mentioned yet. I also have a little game. If you can guess, based on these three character model sheets, what book I'm turning into a graphic novel and who wrote it, you win a custom commission piece drawn by yours truly. 
I know, I know, shameless gimmick for more viewership but hey, if it works, right?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For Bitter or for Worse

For one of our assignments, we had to copy a style of a famous comic strip artist in a story about being a freshman (sorry, first year 9.9) in college. I parodied Lynn Johnston's "For Better or Worse". I think I might send it in to our snarkier school paper, since these are very real issues at UVM.
Good News, Everyone! (you heard Farnsworth, didn't you? :D) The Burlington Kinko's DOES have a big ol' scanner so I can finally get my bigger pieces scanned (at a whoppin' $.99 each. Ouch. Worth it though). I'll be updating a lot over the next couple days. :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Comic Books

Welp, its been awhile since my last scan/post. Still no internet, still very little time. Oddly enough, though, I think this will be less of an issue come September, when I'll have more reliable internet and more time to scan. As for now, I'm taking a Comic Book course and I'll try to post some of my work as I go.I had to use the specific size and number per row so that limited my choices a little but I think it worked out for the most part. This is based pretty closely on the real conversation me, my former suitemate, and my current roommate had.
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