Friday, February 18, 2011

Ocean Goddess

Of the three, this is the piece I'm most proud of. It took forever to get a design I was happy with and I begrudgingly erased elements that I really liked but didn't work overall. Hopefully it's fairly obvious that she's sort of turning into water. Anyway, this is ink and watercolor. I used masking fluid to get the water right and to create the sky, which has masked out hibiscus flowers in it. This is 5x7" on textured watercolor paper and it's framed in a 1" matte frame the same color as the leaves. The framed piece is for sale at Spiritual Haze for $50.
In other news, I am currently posting from my brand spankin' new computer! It's a refurbished Dell Latitude E6510 and so far I love it! There are some elements that I might have changed had I thought of them but given my living setup at the moment, it's pretty much perfect.

Oh! I have a blanket question out there. If you are skilled at website design and code and can help me execute my ideas, would you be willing to barter artwork for your skills? Please email me if you are interested.

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