Tuesday, February 22, 2011

copyright connundrum

I don't have a picture to post today but I did want to throw around the idea of Artistic Copyright versus Creative Commons. I, personally, can't decide where to stand on this issue and I would love to hear what others feels about these ideas.

Financially, it of course makes sense to find a client for a piece of artwork or specifically make artwork for a client, sell part or all of the distribution rights, and either sell the remaining rights to other clients or move on to the next job. That's what makes money but is that the most conducive way of producing a high-quality product that stays true to the artist's style?

I currently sell prints and originals of my artwork and I also post my artwork online. There is nothing to stop someone from printing one of my pieces at home, framing it, and bypass paying for my work altogether. While I am aware that this could be happening, I still post my images sans watermark for the sake of showing the world my art. I have no idea if I would be making more money selling prints but I want to spread my artwork and share my talent with others. At any rate, I have a part-time job that provides income at the cost of time I could be creating more artwork. Is the cost of showing my artwork to the world for free infringing on my ability to create?

I have no allusions about money making the world go around and the fact that it takes money to create art. I would, however, like to know what happy mediums are out there for professional artists and how to be a professional without losing who I am as an artist.

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