Thursday, December 16, 2010

end of an era

So today was my last real final. Tomorrow I have an exam period in which we'll clean the shop but I'm not counting that. We were greeted with muffins and coffee and we displayed our last paintings. The assignment was to do a painting that will inspire the next few years of our lives. I hated mine XD but only because I wasn't able to get it to where I wanted it to be and the critique was wicked helpful. I suppose this was more productive overall and inspiring since doing the same thing that I have been doing wouldn't have taught me anything new. I'll probably post that tomorrow since today I want to mention the professor.

Frank Owen is easily one of my favorite professors at the University of Vermont. I've had him for three courses altogether, two this semester, and I have grown so much as an artist because of him. He's one of those professors who drive you crazy, his assignments are frustratingly vague and he is so demanding, but you know as you're working that you're gaining so much from every minute spent working on his class. He taught me how to build a stretcher and use acrylic paints. He also taught me about the Slant Step, of which he is the current caretaker. As a thank you and in honor of his retirement, our class is working together to make a massive collaboration for him. One day, we started talking about hoarders and little old ladies who feed their mordem, and he wanted to do a collaborative piece the size of the wall. In response to this, we are each doing a 12" x 12" painting in our own style that he can hang all together. Here is my contribution to his wall of cats.Of course, I worked in the same vein as the Body Modification series. I wanted to make it creepy cute. He seemed to like it. ^.^

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