Monday, November 8, 2010

New stuff ftw

Sooo for my Adv. Painting course we have to do a large painting. I was going to paint a canvas dress form which, after shipping would've cost close to $100. Ouch. I mentioned this in class and this wicked cool girl mentioned she just happened to have one she was trying to find a good home for. She also really likes the style of the Body Mod series, which is what this "canvas" is going to go along with. How swell is that!? The only difficult part of this scenario is that it is an adjustable dress form in my measurement range (WANT!) but I had to keep the goal in mind. I'm currently mid-gesso on that as I type. Pics to come.

I also (finally) replaced my tablet. I had an Wacom Intuos 3 but being stored in a damp basement was the death of it (I'm an idiot, I know) so I (after over a year of being tablet-less) went out and got the Wacom Bamboo Pen. It is lower on the Wacom totem pole but all things considered, I'm wicked happy with it. I joined Sumo Paint and doodled this Fullmetal Alchemist fanart in about 30 min.

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