Monday, April 9, 2012

Character design - Maya

I've been working on my first character design in Maya. It's wicked confusing so I hope I'm doing it correctly.

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  1. Hi, found your blog from googling a "rampaige" tag on tumblr. I'm learning 3d myself - hopefully some constructive comments won't be unwelcome? I realize the post has been up for over a week already.

    Good job on using simple, easy to follow character sheets. That really helps for setting up and checking scale.

    I find box modeling / subdivision to be the most intuitive method for beginning a model - google box modeling for a couple hundred tutorials - as it relies on progressively increasing detail instead of trying to get everything perfect right off. This tutorial - was very helpful to me starting out. It's written for a program called Silo but the principles carry over to just about anything.

    It looks like you may be just a little lost on where to begin the face? I like this video for understanding one way to build a head. One of the toughest parts/tricks to learn is edge loops - basically, having the topology flow along the natural lines in clean rings - around the eyes, mouth, along laugh lines. There's a good reference of different approaches here

    By the way, edge flow isn't only for faces. When you model muscles and want something to deform smoothly for animation, good edge flow is your friend.

    While I'm at it, the polycount website also has forums and the guys on there are extremely friendly and helpful so you may want to post progress over there if you want feedback from people who actually know their stuff. (I should take my own advice.)

    So anyway, I'm not a pro, just a nerdy art guy who's learning 3d on my own time. Hope you find something helpful here and I'd like to see this finished someday!


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