Thursday, April 26, 2012

Buzz Buzz

I've been working on publishing the first volume of BGC and finishing up some other projects I can't post. Unfortunately I really don't have too much to post here (although I'm trying to keep it going here). At least I can post this little animation I made with Gimp and Paint Tool Sai.


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  2. Hi Paige, I just find out your Busty Girl comics today, and not just it's hilarious as heck, I am so glad finally finding website that totally relate to my problems. Living in Asian country made me can't really talk about my lovely bust, not just because the culture around here, but also not many of my girlfriends would 'understand' it..

    So yeah, gazillion gazillion thanks to you! Sorry to post it in here instead, I just deleted my tumblr account couple days ago. But I actually thank God for it, since it made me found out your amazing arts. :)

    Again, I really really thank you, I'm so happy because of your comics, it made me want to hug you so tight and made our busty busts can meet each other! ;D

    See ya, Paige.
    stay golden!


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