Wednesday, March 30, 2011

when will my life begin?

As anyone who has spoken to me over the past month or so will know, Tangled (50th feature length animated movie from Disney) came out on DVD today. Needless to say I ran right out and bought it then proceeded to watch it. Twice.
This started as a sketch while I was watching the movie but after finding a great lineart technique and reading Loish's Q&A about what brushes she uses to get her amazing textures, I wanted to play around a bit. This took half an hour, tops. I totally plan on doing more of these XD. As always with fanart, the artwork may be mine but the character is (c) Disney. I adore this movie, especially this scene. I started to add the lanterns but they looked a little too firefly-y. 

In other news: 
I love it when I'm productive XD I not only got around to some stuff I've had looming for awhile around the house (cleaning, picking up, etc.), I also spent 7+ hours at the lab today and made epic progress on some animations and those character sheets. They aren't done yet but they're getting there so expect to see some of them in the future. ^.^


  1. Paige, your work is INCREDIBLE!! <3<3

  2. Thank you soo much! I think you'll really like the next bit of "fanart" I'm working on at the moment! ^.^


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