Thursday, March 24, 2011

Character sheets WIP

 Last summer I started a project with a friend of mine. He was writing a post-apocalyptic story and will eventually need artwork for it. I started by doing character sheets for two of the characters.

I started by sketching the designs on tracing paper then taping the paper to the back of bristol board to transfer it through. This was before I had my epic light box so I had to hold the paper up to a glass door with a lamp behind it (>.< good times). These pics are just what I got from the scan-n-stitch. I'm going to bring it into Photoshop and clean it up, color it a bit, and add some texture to the background.  

Good News, Everyone! (did you hear that in Professor Farnsworth's voice?) My goal for this month was to get more pageviews this month than last month and as of last night and some blog trading on Etsy, I finally reached my goal with calendar days to spare!

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