Wednesday, January 19, 2011

be wery wery quiet, i'm hunting jobs

Ever wish you could just jump over the "newness" in something and just be settled in a new life experience? I've kinda got a lot of that going on right now ^.^;; while the newness is fun, it's also pretty daunting. That said, I'm job hunting at the moment so if anyone knows of any entry level jobs or illustration gigs they'd think I'd be good for, please let me know!

Above is the revised version of last week's storyboard and below is the follow-up assignment. "Man sets rabbit aside on table, reaches into hat again, pulls out a bizarre alien creature, and reacts to it." Not too much to say other than that.
On another note, I probably won't be able to update wicked often since it looks like this time laptop really did die. Any suggestions on affordable PC laptops? I'm considering the lenovo but some suggestions from other artists would be greatly appreciated.

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