Sunday, October 24, 2010


Phew, now I just have to wait for my midterms to get graded ^.^:;
Out of the 5 I finished (one of which I want to go back and fix) I have 4 of the Body Modification paintings on display in the lobby of Williams, the art building at UVM. Once I get them back down again, I'll take some pictures of the bionic heart and mechanical mermaid since I haven't posted those yet. My dad took some pictures as well so I might update with a better picture but here's a picture of them on display!I've lately been wicked obsessed with How to Train Your Dragon, which came out on DVD a little over a week ago. I highly recommend it to anyone. Imagine realistic cinematic lighting design and textures with much better storytelling than Dreamworks usually comes up with. Speaking of which, I just caught a TV spot for Tangled and it looks like their trying for Dreamworks quality. I guess they realized their stuff couldn't compete with Pixar's (not that they really needed to). Anyway, expect more fanart at some point but here's a sketch of Toothless and Hiccup flying around. I'm trying to work more with animal forms so don't hold it against me if you aren't a fan of this. It's just a doodle.

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