Friday, October 28, 2011


I wanted to do a plus-size pinup in a confident pose but an outfit no more revealing than a bathing suit and somewhere in the coloring process, it became a self-portrait.
It's challenging for me to post this, especially since I know that members of my family may find this post uncomfortable, but I'm very proud of how this piece came out and I want to explain a bit about it.
 At the risk of getting a little personal here, I want to explain this transition: I've always struggled with my size and my perception of myself, as many girls and women do. It wasn't until summer last year that I realized how much of my personal identity comes from my size and how I am proud of who I am, even if I would like to get to a healthier weight. It has been a struggle for me, coming to terms with that part of myself, but being able to let go of hating part of who I am has made me so much happier overall and I wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. this picture almost could be me. I think its great that you have come to a place of acceptance of yourself. I find that refreshing and inspirational. I am really enjoying discovering your work. Thanks for sharing it

  2. You are very beautiful, i wish society would do a better job of accepting beauty in all shapes and sizes.

  3. Why would someone from your family find it uncomfortable? It's adorable and classy :)


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