Tuesday, August 2, 2011

eleanor aceo

Big things have been going on. First of all, I have a new baby cousin (^.^<3) so I've been working on some sewing projects for him. I've been working on getting into art fairs and placing orders, etc. I even got some beach time (finally). This, unfortunately, means very few things have gotten past the sketch stage.
I cranked this out the other day. It's an ACEO that'll be for sale at my upcoming fairs. It's all I've been able to work on for a little while. The gold here is actually metallic on the actual piece, since the original is for sale.

Oh, other news, I've been redesigning my Tumblr like crazy and I finally got it pretty. (Go check it out?) And I have an interview with the Daily Planet in Burlington VT this week to display art. :D

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