Friday, May 13, 2011

Mixing it up

I've been debating for awhile whether or not I should post other artwork and artists that inspire me, as opposed to just my work. I really like the idea but it always seemed confusing since this blog was acting as my portfolio for awhile. Now that I've remedied that portfolio situation, I am really stoked to reference an artist I've been inspired by ever since she sketched Sailor Moon for me at Bible Camp when I was little.

Veronica Fish is an amazing illustrator who has a beautiful painterly, ethereal style. Her work is always beautiful and badass rolled up in one. She just recently finished a comic book called "Pirates of Mars" that looks absolutely epic! Please go check out her work, especially since she posts progressives on her blog (which is always helpful ^.^) and buy her comic X3!

[artwork in this post is (c) Veronica Fish]

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